Friday, October 4, 2013

I am Finally into Exercising

You read the title right Momsies! After all my excuses, I finally started to do something healthy for my body. A week ago, I have started doing at least a 10-minute exercise everyday. It was not an intense exercise but it's something that I happy about at this moment.

I have told you that we cut down carbohydrates intake already though once in awhile we cheat, hehe. I just notice, my tummy area is a little saggy as evidence of decrease in rice intake, yey! So I need to tone it down. I started with sit ups and leg lifting, and then because Daddy's so serious about his dumbbell workout, I tried it too. I am doing 3 sets of  overhead curl using a 10-lb dumbbell. 


I want to try this military press, but I can't lift the 10-lb dumbbell using just one hand. But eventually I will. Positive vibes!


I ended up doing this one-arm palm-up wrist curl but I hold the dumbbell with my two hands since I can't lift one using one hand only.


My brother bought 45-lb rubberized dumbbells, and these are what Daddy Allan is using now. 

45-lb rubberized dumbbells

Here's Daddy Allan starting the day right.

Daddy Allan's dumbbell exercise

And look who's trying to lift those dumbbells too.

Matthew's dumbbell exercise

I will not be surprised if one day Matt will also join his Daddy and his Tito in their dumbbell exercise.

Hopefully, I can sustain the energy and will to do this dumbbell exercise regularly if not everyday. I thought it's not possible because of all the things I need to do everyday. I'm wrong for if you really want to do something, you can always find find time to do it. I also want to try cardio exercise and I have this strong will to start it tonight. Let's see =)

That's for now Momsies. Remember to be positive and stay happy. Let's be healthy!

P.S.: I am no expert on this kind of exercise and any tips will be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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