Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Anger

Good morning! I am happy I don't need to go to work now because it's a holiday again in Bulacan. It's Marcelo H. Del Pilar day. But Daddy Allan need to go to work because they will have Internal Quality Audit so that I am left with my hyper-cute little son.

Oh, before I forget here's our Daily Inspiration.

We had a speaker in our ISO seminar that told us he avoided anger and that it was years now. From the way he talked, it seemed so easy not to be angry but he did. So it is very possible to not get angry. Then I try to do that too and manage to go on for almost a week, then after that I quit because I felt I am becoming unstable, haha. But it felt good to not feel anger for days and I was happier.

Have you tried also to avoid being angry?

Happy Thursday!
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