Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photostory: Matt & Gelai

Sharing with you this photo of Matt and his cousin Gelai.

I don't know why Gelai would want to grab Matt as if she sees a cute bear. Haha. She actually screamed in excitement and reached out for Matt here. She pulled his hair but the poor little boy do nothing. He don't fight back and just evade. 

Should I be alarmed that my little Matt doesn't fight back? I have seen twice an older boy hurt my son, too fast I don't get to stop them. I have seen Matt left in amaze why he was hurt. He never fight back and now I fear when he goes to school and he meets a bully. I wonder why there are bullies and what their parents are doing. Anyway, I always pray to keep my son safe and I know God will protect him.

Do you also fear the same for your child? Or is you child already bullied? Please don't hesitate to share. Thanks!
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