Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Money Isn't Everything

Hello guys! How's your morning? I hope you started it well.

Here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

Who doesn't want money? But too much of it won't really be of good help. The want for money sometimes turns to greediness. Only to realize in the end, that money isn't everything.

I want money but just enough for my family to live comfortably. I am working hard to give the best for my son but spending quality time with him is still my top priority. Because I can never take back time and I am afraid that one day, my son will never remember any precious moments he had with me and his dad. That will surely break my heart.

So, I am not saying forget about money but rather don't make it as your priority. Remember money can't buy everything and you can never bring them with you when you die.

Happy Friday! Hello long weekend!
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