Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Rumors

Thank God it's Saturday! I know most of you are still in bed. I envy you for that. Haha. Here I am again, feeling bitter about going to work on Saturdays. But what else can I do, I believe its God's will.

Okay enough of that, I should feel positive about it instead. Here's our Daily Inspiration!

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Almost all people are victimized by rumors. No one can be spared of rumors and gossips, even you are not a celebrity, a politician or a famous personality. It can be your colleague, your neighbor, your friend, your cousin, your sister or any other people who envy you. Yes being envious can make you feel fool by spreading rumors and other untrue stories about other people.

The very first time I have experienced spreading rumors about me was at our office. Yes, this is common at working place. Oh well, it was not easy to handle and I just kept on ignoring it until a time God interfere and make a way out of it. God is really good.

I hated rumors so much and I don't know what people spreading such could get from it. They are absolutely haters and envious with other people's achievement. So now, I am very careful with what I do. If I don't need to talk, I stay quiet.

Have you also experienced being rumored for such a nasty thing you don't even know?

Happy Saturday! Don't let haters and idiots ruin our day!
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