Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Treat Your Parents with Loving Care

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If you still have both of your parents with you, then you are very lucky. Well, I am still lucky because I have my mother. It is not easy to losea father because of all the important occasions of my life that requires his presence. He missed my wedding day and the day I gave birth to my son. I feel sad whenever I think why he will never see my son who most people said, his look-a-like.

Just in this moment when something is really bothering me, I wish he is still here. For I know if he still here, he will never allow this to happen. I know he will be the strong man I used to know and he will never want us to get hurt. Oh, I wish he is here to assure us that everything will be okay even just by the look in his eyes. He is never a perfect father but when he was gone, part of me also died.

But hey, I am here to inspire you. So I know I should trust God and his plan, which is way better than I am thinking. I still have my mother and that I know my father will be happy to see her happy. I bowed to love and take care of my mother until the day they will see each other again. Loving and taking care of her will never be enough for all the sacrifices she had.

So if you still have both your parents with you, don't waste time to show how much you love them. Because time is indefinite and it might surprise you and caught you unguarded. Love and take care of your parents because that's the best thing we can ever give them in return for all their sacrifices.

Happy Wednesday.
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