Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily Inspiration: God's Will

Good morning guys! I can see a bit of sunshine from here. Hopefully, the typhoon will be out today. There are so many flooded places already.

As usual I will start my day with this Daily Inspiration.
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Yesterday, I was really stressed out with the situations we are into. I was thinking about to quit my job and so on. Negative feelings seemed to rule over me. These passed two days had been tough with us.

I was thinking to leave my blog for awhile. I can’t seem to write anything. But guess what, God is giving me reasons to stay strong. I opened FB last night and a picture of a Blessed Virgin Mary popped out. Was this a coincidence? I don’t know. Last night also, when my son was rushing to climb the stair, he accidently slipped but thank God I was there to catch him. Imagine if I was even a second late, he would fall and could have died. That thought strikes me.

And today, I found this beautiful inspirational quote. I also learned that my blog has a Google Page Rank already. Now I realized, God is telling me something. I need to believe and trust Him that everything will be okay. I know He always has a better plan for us. I really can’t plan my life the way I like and I will just let God’s will be done.

Happy Friday!
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