Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The heavy rain that was

Hello! How's everyone? I hope you are safe and dry. Thank God that the rain already stops here and I hope it stops on your place too.

I was stressed out yesterday because of the heavy rain plus we were at awe whether we should go to work because our company's announcement is not clear. But as I said yesterday, we braved the rain to check our laboratory. I was shocked to see how the water rises at Sta. Maria bridge. I feared that when we crossed the bridge we can't go back home. That can't be because we have a son waiting for us. Luckily, I called up our boss and he said we can go back home immediately and just make sure all our laboratory equipments are safe.

We went back home as fast as we could for fear that the bridge might overflowed already. Thank God it was not yet overflowing though the water level was really high and already reached the houses by the river side. We are relieved when we reached our home safe and saw our little son sleeping soundly despite the heavy rain and frequent thunders outside.

I turned on our internet connection and my netbook. I saw several photos of flooded areas posted on Facebook wall. I kept our loved ones updated through Facebook. Good thing we have an internet connection at home. The connection is still fasts despite the heavy rain. Thanks to RF coaxial connectors that Telecoms are using now. Also, we don’t experience any problem with our mobile service yesterday.

There are varieties of coaxial connectors and there are waterproof connectors too. This is good to use especially for those areas frequently in flood.

That was yesterday and hopefully things will be better today. I pray that flood will subside in most areas in Luzon. 

How was your yesterday? Keep safe.
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