Monday, August 6, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Love, Honor and Respect

Good morning! Yay, Monday again... Feeling lazy to go to work and the weather is bed weather still. Hay, every Monday I have this feeling. Are you too?

Anyway, need to recharge and be positive so here's our Daily Inspiration.

Those in a relationship, remember that love is not enough to make the relationship work. Aside from love, you need to honor and respect your partner. You don't need to always agree with all the things. What is important  is that to learn to respect each other's opinion and don't claim you are always the right one. 

Also, it is very much important to reciprocate the love that your partner is giving to you. Treat him the same way you want to be treated so he will respect you. You will see that he will always support you and in return support him too. Both of you should work for the relationship and always include God in the center. 

Happy Monday!
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