Friday, August 17, 2012

Parenting Tips: Educate Your Child To Be Happy

Let me share this with you moms and dads.

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Being a working mom, I fear that I may not teach my son the right way. I mean, I am working outside home from 7am to 6pm and that makes me feel insecure most of the times. The fact that my son now slowly understand where mom and dad are going and what we are doing all day makes me realize that he needs more of our attention. That's why I really don't bring work at home. I see to it that when we are at home, our attention is with him all the time. 

I make him feel he is love and happiness is far more important than any material things on earth. I also teach him to appreciate little things. I don't teach him what is ugly or beautiful because I want him to not discriminate anything or anyone, and make him see everything as beautiful. I know it's natural for us to know what's beautiful or not so I let him learn it his way.

Okay, it's a fact that every parent wants the best for their children, so do I. I honestly want to give my son all the best in this world. But we should not forget that children appreciates more what money can't buy and that's our time. Don't tell them you are busy with work to raise money and be rich. This will inculcate in their young minds. Instead teach them to be happy even with the little things around them. In that way, they will learn to value things and would never look at the price.

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