Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Lord, please calm my heart...

Good morning! The sun is finally up here. I do hope he will stay up there all day.

Thank God it's Saturday and tomorrow is our rest/family day. Here's our Daily Inspiration:

Last week, I feel so down and I can't help to be eaten up with negative feelings. I was really stressed out with some of uncontrolled things. Yes, I let my negative feeling almost took over me.

But God is always good and sent me messages not to worry much. The heavy rain started on Monday until Thursday. Many areas are still flooded now and so many families lost their homes. My family are safe and was spared from flood. Now I realize that I am still lucky and instead of being negative, I better spread positivity and help people who badly needs help.

I am guilty up to now of what I was thinking last week. I know I should trust God but time really comes that no matter how you fight the feeling, you simply can't get over it. Until God tapped your shoulder to show you how lucky and blessed you are. So now, I feel refresh and from this day on, I bowed to never doubt the power of God. I will let Him calm my heart and soothe my soul. I will let Him lead my way and open my arms to all His plans for me.

If you feel like down today, speak to God and He will surely take your worries away.

Have a happy and sunny Saturday! Yey!
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