Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Dear God Please Keep Us Safe

It is still raining hard. Classes and Government Offices are already suspended in NCR and nearby provinces including Bulacan. How about private companies? Its their prerogative na daw. Okay fine!

Our company said, for those who can't report to work don't go but for those who can report to work go. What? Would this mean that if I can go to work now, I should. That's why we are here. Hay, I told my husband not to go to work na but still we braved the rain. I am really scared right now as I saw the water level under Sta. Maria bridge is already high. It's still raining and I can't help but worry about floods just like Ondoy. 

With that let us all pray for our safety...

Keep safe everyone. We'll be going home now...
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