Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Keep Distance

Hi everyone! We must face reality and it's back to work again. How's your long weekend? Ours was great and as I already said, we really don't get to rest because we went back to our home town. The travel hour was 4-5 hours because of the traffic in every towns in Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. I hope, the bypass road from Balagtas to Cabanatuan will be finished soon for shorter travel time. Anyway, we enjoyed the long weekend and there's another long weekend to look forward again. Yey!

Of course, I will never forget to give you our Daily Inspiration and here's for today.

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Keeping distance make you see those things you overlook when you are standing close with each other. I will share a little of our love story without Daddy Allan's permission. We are best of friends since high school but we know each other since kindergarten. We went to same schools from kindergarten to college. I graduated ahead of him because his thesis was not yet through. After graduation we seldom see each other and that made us realize and see what we fail to see being always close together. I bet you already get what is we finally realize. Lol.

Same is true with other relationship. Sometimes, it makes sense to move a little away and keep a distance. You will learn who really cares for you if they notice you are drifting away. They will see the space you have created and of course if that space is important with them, then they will feel your importance too.

Have a happy Wednesday!
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