Friday, September 27, 2013

Don't Dare Mess with Her!

I saw this photo in my Facebook feeds and I can't stop my self from sharing it. It's so touching!


A lot of people are asking us when is our plan to have another baby. Although Matt is already three years old, it's not too soon. But we are praying for another baby girl or boy in the future. I am so sure Matthew will be a great kuya. I just need to make him grow a little and learn how to be independent. Right now, Matt is a little selfish and seloso. I can't blame him because he's our only son and everyone in the house pampers him. Even though we shower him with everything he wants, we always tell him the limits. He will never a spoiled brat that's for sure.

Back to the photo, the little girl is so lucky to have 4 boys who will protect him in case anyone try to mess with her. I am so sure they will pamper her and treat her like a princess. She's really so lucky, don't you think?

Do you also have a brother or a father who is your protector? I would love to read your story.
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