Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Hardest Part of being a Working Mom

Hello Momsies! It’s another brand new gloomy day. As usual, I need to go to work and do you know what is one of the hardest parts of being a working mom? It's when you need to leave the house for work while your kid is still asleep.

While Matt is sleeping
We have been like this these past few days. It’s breaking my heart to think that my son will wake up without Mom and Dad. But maybe it’s better to be like this because it is much painful to see my son’s sad face while throwing kisses and waving to say goodbye to us. It’s even painful when he’s begging me not to go to work and leave him.

But I know this is the way God want it to be so I trust Him with all my heart and soul. That's why I need to be strong and stay positive amidst this guilt and pain. After all, we are so blessed.

On the lighter side, all these negative feelings can be easily washed out once I see my son so excited and happy to see us. He will jump on his feet when he hears the engine of his Dad’s car. He will run towards the gate, welcome us with a kiss and a hug, and a "mano". He’s the sweetest as I always say.

Let me leave this cute conversation with our son just this morning.

Matt: Buhat Mommy.

I did and he kissed me and his Dad. When I am about to put him down, he won’t let go of me.

Matt: Ayaw papasok si Mommy.
Mommy: Need pumasok ni Mommy para may pambili milk and frootees.
Matt: Ayaw po Mommy.
Mommy: Hindi pwede anak.

He hugged me tight and we sat down. Daddy came to the rescue.

Daddy: Pasok na kami anak, late na o.
Matt: Ayaw po.
Daddy: Ano gustong pasalubong.
Matt: Ice cream!!!

Guess what, he let us leave. Ice cream lang pala so Daddy must have an ice cream this afternoon. Hehe..

Remember to be positive and stay happy. God is always good. Take care and have a great day ahead!
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