Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Quiet Me =)

Hello Momsies!!!

I am still here, it is just that I am quiet, hehe... Wala naman, I just realize some points that I am missing or over using. Blogging is part of my life now. I started this blog not to monetize because honestly, I didn't know before that I can earn money through blogging. But when I learned about it, I suddenly went out of my way. Yup, at one point I was just concern in earning money because it's an open book that I really wanted to be a stay or work at home mom. So I grab every opportunity that comes my way. I force myself to blog until one day I almost lost my momentum to write, to blog.

That's when I realize it's not the way I want it from the start. I want my blog to be a reflection of me, a reflection of my life.

I will not deny that my dream to stay/work at home is what drives me to learn about different online opportunities. Learning those opportunities really overwhelmed me and I don't know where and when to start. At first, I said to myself I need to wait for the right time then after I while I realize if I didn't make a step, when will be the right time. That thought made me confuse even more. So I stop thinking about it. I stop worrying about it. I stop myself from talking about it. 

Right now, we are still yaya-less and that makes me think to resign again actually. But I know it's not yet possible so I just pray, for I believe God will always guide us. In God's time, I am sure everything will fall in its place. So for now, I just need to balance everything. I will go on with the flow of life. Be positive and stay happy with what I have. After all, I have a beautiful family and that's all that matters to me.

To end this post, let me share this with you.

Inspirational Quotes @momaye.com

Have a great day everyone!
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