Monday, September 16, 2013

Reunited =)

Family will always be family. This sayings will always be true at the end of the day. I don't have a perfect family. My siblings and I are not that close. Maybe because we have so different personalities. I am always the perfectionist and always try to do what is right. And most of the times, I am being misinterpreted by my siblings. But since I know in my heart, I didn't do anything wrong to them and one day these gaps will be patched in God's time.

And do you experience having a perfect timing in a not so perfect situation? Just when I am so worried about losing Matt's yaya, this circumstance just brought my siblings are I closer. We are reunited.

My Sister, my Nanay and Me
It is also true that time heals all wounds and no word is needed, even sorry. I am so sure Nanay is so happy because our bunso is here with us. She will take care of them for the next two weeks until a new yaya comes. Yes, we failed to get a new yaya last weekend. But I don't worry now for I know that's God's will.

Meanwhile, here are the two boys of my life.

My Two Boys

Life is really ironic but I know God is in control.

Be positive and stay happy!

Happy Monday!

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