Friday, September 27, 2013

Photostory: A Simple Joy

Thank God it's Friday na Momsies!!! Weekend is here, yey! What's your activity pala for the weekend? Ours is the usual activity on Sundays. We'll have a breakfast and hear a mass. Daddy is planning to continue cleaning again and me too. I am not done with rearranging our bedroom and organizing our craft things e. And of course, we need to finish orders pa. Nevertheless, the best part of it is I am at home with my family.

Anyway, yesterday I write about the hardest part of being a working mom. Now let me share with you the simple joy that means great happiness to us.

A Simple Joy

If leaving the house is the hardest part, then going home is what I am looking forward to each day. And as promised, Daddy brought Matt a cup of Mcdonald's Sundae. Seeing our son so happy can easily take away all our worries, pain and stress.

I know you know how it feels. Can you share simple joy that can make you so happy?

Be positive and stay happy.