Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Worry-less Wednesday + Homeschooling Writing A's

Hi there Momsies!

Ang bilis ng araw. I thought Tuesday palang, Wednesday na pala. Hihi. Musta naman ang linggo nyo mga Momsies? Mid-week na and I know like me, you are looking forward for the weekend. We had the first part of general cleaning last week so most probably may follow up yan this weekend since we have a lot to clean pa. We were cleaning the house while raining last Sunday so less sweat =)

Maybe you are wondering why it's a "worry-less Wednesday." If you have read my post yesterday, you will probably know why =)

Now, let me share a little update on our homeschooling. Here's Little Joaquin Matthew writing A's.

Homeschooling Writing A's

Starting last night, we will have a writing and reading activity. For writing, we started with A. I made the writing/tracing sheets and print them out. I let him practice writing to improve his hand grip and for him to get used to writing within the lines. My homeschool plan is to teach him writing and reading simultaneously, slowly but surely. I will not force him if he didn't like to. One page of writing per night will be enough.

As for the reading lesson, he's doing great and I think we can move to the lesson four next week. I really can't believe how he can get it that fast. I thought we will have this lesson three for a month but I was wrong.

By the way, if you want to make your on writing sheets for your kids just let me know. I will share with you the font I used for making those writing sheets.

So that's all Momsies!

Enjoy the day and God bless!
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