Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Busy Mommy2

Momsies, I am still here. I am just busy with my work since Monday that's why. I am also busy, answering inquiries on crochet MTOs =)

Just to give you a little update. A few weeks ago, I am contemplating whether or not to quit my job. You all know that what I really want now is to stay or work at home so I can spend more time with Matt. Unfortunately, I can't just do that because I need to consider our financial needs since we are still paying for our house. That's why I feel so worried when Matt's yaya finally bid goodbye. I have mixed feelings actually. I almost consider it as a sign but then things just fall into its places. God is really good. We will have a new yaya by next week and I am thankful to my sister who patiently take care of Matt, play and ran after him. Matt is the king of our house ever since his yaya went out. He deserves to be treated as one but still we are not tolerating any of his bad behavior.

I am hopeful that the new yaya will be okay. Anyway, my mother is there to see. Matt is okay with everyone naman. He can adjust well as long as he have foods to eat, his puzzles, his phone to watch videos, his bed -, he's perfectly fine. I will tell you more about Matt and our homeschooling. I always fail to take video of him while reading. Maybe next time, I will ask Daddy na lang.

So that's for now momsies. Knowing God is in control, I really feel better.

Have a great day ahead!
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