Monday, September 2, 2013

On Saving and Living within Our Means

Daddy Allan and I are living a frugal life. We seldom buy branded clothes, shoes, bags, etc. We rather spend on foods and other basic needs. We do have credit cards and I must admit at one point we have abused the use of it. But we have lessons learned so with God's grace and self-discipline, we overcome over spending and so we are proud to say that we are almost debt free.

We have a small online shop and that helps a lot especially with our weekly expenses. Because of that also, Daddy was able to buy his dream DSLR. That is not an easy decision to give in but he works hard crocheting over night so I think he deserved it as a birthday present. We are also using his DSLR to take better picture quality of our crochet products. As for me, I don't need anything but maybe in the future as I am planning to buy either a laptop or an all-in-one computer, which I can be used when my plan of working at home push through.

At home, when there's something need to be fixed, Daddy will try to do it first. This will save us from hiring a professional. We also see to it that we have complete tools to work with. I remember when the lock of our main gate was forcefully destroyed because our son was locked in, we needed a
cutting torch kit. Luckily, our neighbor has one and let us borrowed it.

See, we can really save if we want to. We are at our early 30's but we are planning, particularly me, to retire earlier than usual. My aim is to work at home the soonest possible time but I need a savings amounting to at least 6 months of my salary for our emergency fund. So anything that does not goes with the budget and we don't need, will be set aside. 

I have nothing against those people living an extravagant life as long as they can afford to and their spending hard earned money. I am just speaking for my self and my family. Our money is hard earned from our full time work, blogging and crocheting. That's why we think twice or thrice before spending it. This is the value we want to pass to our son and future children. To save and live within our means. To spend less than what we earn.

Have a great day everyone! Think before you buy =)
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