Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We are now a Human Heart Nature Dealer!

Yes, we are now officially a Human Hear Nature dealer. Thanks to sis Louise for that opportunity.

Let me share with you our first batch of purchased at Human Heart Nature:

Human Heart Nature Box

Don't you love the box? I do! Here are the contents of that box.

Human Heart Nature products

These are the orders I gathered, including ours for personal use. I will soon write reviews about the Human Heart Nature products we are currently using so stay tune, okies?

Right now, we are at the Bronze level. Please help us move to the next level by purchasing. You may order at Momaye's Shoppe or if you want a dealer your self just let me know. Shoot me an email at maye.domencil@gmail.com.

Let's make a natural shift. Go Human Heart Nature, pro-Philippines, pro-poor, pro-environment!
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