Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homeschooling: Matthew Loves Reading

Oh yes! Matt loves reading now. He will be the one to remind me he will read na. Look how diligent he is.

Matthew Loves Reading

I wish I had a video of him reading but it's hard kasi. When he sees me holding a camera or a tablet he will stop and grab it instead. So for now, let me just share the photos. Though you must hear him read, slang lang ang peg.

Matt: Cet set (cat sat). Ded med (dad mad). Et cet (at cat). 

He's so cute =)

I will ask Daddy to take video of him. We will move to lesson three tonight. Let's see if he will love it too.

That's for today momsies! And if you great homeschooling ideas, please let me know. Let's share, alrighty?

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