Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Reading Lesson 3 + Little Joaquin

Hello Momsies! How's your week so far? We are still yaya-less but I don't worry that much. I know God will send us a good one in time. That's why we don't really rush and besides I feel much comfortable living without "other people" around. 

Anyway, let me give you an update on Matt's homeschooling. It's not that formal homeschooling, it's anything goes actually. I let him do what he wants as long as he is learning. He writes less nowadays so I am encouraging him to write by printing more writing activities. Also, I think I need to buy him more writing books. For now, what he's constantly doing every night is the Reading Lesson and we are now on Lesson Three.

The Reading Lesson 3

It's getting harder na. For in Lesson Three, there are words that just vary with the mid vowels so that's sometimes confused him. But I know through constant reading, he will get used to it. The first time I show him the lesson was really funny. We are both laughing because he associates the word on it with the words he knows or hears. Read on...

Mommy: "met"
Matt: "met"... Memett!

Hahaha... Maybe he thinks met is Matt. Slang lang e =)

Mommy: "got"
Matt: "got".. "got to believe in magic!"

Okay. You GOT it son!

Mommy: "this"
Matt: "this"... This girl is on fire!!! (with two hands up pa)

See.. Matt never fails to make us laugh. Anyway, I allow him to watch for one hour every night, right after our lessons. His favorites are "Juan Dela Cruz" and "Got to Believe in Magic". Before he told me he is "little Juan", now he is "little Joaquin" or "sir Joaquin" na daw. Let us check if he can be "little Joaquin."

Little Joaquin

Konting ayos lang ng buhok anak and you will look like Joaquin na. Hehe.

That's it momsies!
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