Monday, September 30, 2013

On homeschooling and tutoring

My son's education is always been my priority. That's one of the main reasons why if given a choice I will choose to be a stay or work at home mom. I want to be there in every learning milestone he will have. In fact, I have been homeschooling him since June. It's not a regular or formal homeschooling. It's anything goes homeschooling based on what he wants or loves to do that enable him to learn. It's not easy I tell you, as I need to deal with this energetic, smart, talkative and witty young man. Patience is very much needed, long patience I must say.

Good thing he's always willing to learn and that's something that makes our homeschooling journey easier. And I see to it that there's a balance in everything we do. I do not force him to write or read when he don't want to. I do offer him choices and other activities related to writing and reading that we will surely enjoy.  In that way, he will not fear me nor the learning activity we are doing.

Soon when he entered school, everything will be changed. He will have a formal lesson plan to be followed. I don't worry much since I already know he's learning behavior I can be his tutor as well. But for those working mom or parents who have no time to teach or tutor their children  you can always find a reliable trained tutor from and the likes, to help you with your child's academic activities. 

Every parents wants the best for our children. We want the best education for them for their future. My husband and I believe that we can never go wrong with investing on our son's learning and education. For that's something we can give him that no one can ever take away from him.

Agree Moms and Dads? Have a great week everyone!
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