Friday, September 6, 2013

I will Always Love My Boy

Thank God it's Friday!

Momsies, I know you are also looking forward to the weekend. It's time to rest or do the things we can't do for the weekend. But I know for moms like us, we really can't rest unless we need it too. Though it's very important for us to have a break because a happy and healthy mom equals a happy and healthy family. Agree?

Allow me to share this with you, especially with moms with a boy.

So true. For a little boy, his mom is his world. I can attest to that. My son is the sweetest boy I know. His world revolves around us and so ours. He follows me everywhere and always love to help me with I am doing.  I know he will only be a child just once. Soon he will go to school and meet new people. Soon he will not follow me around for he will love to play outside with his new friends. Soon he will have his new world, new interest. That's why I always feel guilty thinking I am not always there for him. Nevertheless, I hope the love and care I am giving him will be enough to make him feel howe important he is to me.

Have a happy Friday!

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