Monday, May 28, 2012

I Love Sundays: Craft and Potty Training Update

I wonder why time flies so quickly every Sunday. As usual, we went to Church and to the wet market. My husband do the buying while I took care of my son. It was so hot!

Matthew on his Carter t-shirt, RRJ shorts and Converse shoes.

I was overwhelmed that in a matter of one week, my little boy knows how to say wee wee and knows where to. Last week, I have witnessed how he used his potty chair and now he can say wee before he does. Is he already potty trained? I hope so. :)

We had our late lunch at around 2 in the afternoon and Daddy cooked pork dinuguan with dahon ng sampaloc and papaya. (sorry no photo, because I was so hungry already, haha!)

Today we need to do the craft I am talking here. I had to make Matt fall asleep first before we can start the crafty session. Otherwise, we cannot make any single flower.

Daddy Allan helped me here. The place was so messy, hehe. Next time, we will make it organize so we can work easily.

 My first creation, okay na di ba?

 After two hours, we had finished too. Daddy Allan do the left flower.

I cut cloths na so I will just sew and sew. I wish I have a sewing machine, hmm, I'll think about it.

Making flowers and ribbons out of cloth is not easy especially if you don't have a sewing machine so I do have an excuse why a single rose took me two hours to do it. Hello! Pagcucut palang kaya ng tela hirap na (Cutting of cloth is very difficult). Maybe because I am just new to it and next time I can make more flowers in two hours.

Wait, there's more. There was a Santa Cruzan yesterday around 6pm, in our subdivision. We don't know that until our neighbors' little girls came out of their house in cute gowns. Good thing, the rain already had stopped. We went to the main street and watched the beautiful girls walking. Unfortunately, Daddy don't bring the camera. When Matt saw the the familiar faces he jumped and jumped, with 1,2,3 counting pa. (pakitang gilas lang, haha!).

Time flies fast and Sunday was over. Hello Monday and I am sure I'm going to have a busy week.
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