Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wacoal - Find the right one for your age!

Honestly, at my age, I don't know much about undergarments. I just bought designs that I want without even knowing that the undergarments should have certain specifications to fit your age and body. One time, while blog hopping I came across the blog of one of my favorite mommy blogger and she has a post there about Wacoal.

My goodness,  I really don't know that there is a right undergarment for different age brackets and the right way to wear them. I never been conscious with my body until Wacoal came in. I am not slim but I am not that fat (defensive it is!). I manage to shed 22 lbs. before but still I am not that slim. What can I do, this is what God gave me and I love my pear shaped body, haha.

At different ages, there's a corresponding breast age. In my case, I am 31, I belong to the Stage 1 and I find it true :(. My breast is aging and that is natural. What to do? Here's Wacoal to the rescue!

It is nice to know that Wacoal has different bras and panties for women of various age groups.  At my age, I should choose bras that can provide lift and support, like bras with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric. I hate underwire brassiere pa naman, but what can I do if this will help me.

I like these Wacoal undergarments: non-wired three-quarter cup bra and medium support shape pants . The bra has a wide strap and non stretch material inside the cup to provide an extra lift of the bust. Non-wire so it is okay with me plus the side panel is wider and can hold the excess fats at the breast side. That is my problem with mine now and Wacoal can definitely solve that. The shape pants, on the other hand, has a thong effect and lifts up the hips. It is also perfect to hide the extra fats at your tummy area. I have mine after giving birth, I hardly do exercise that is why. But Wacoal shape pants can make it look flatter. Oh, thank you Wacoal. You make impossible, possible!

I have seen many brands of undergarments but only Wacoal amazed me with their many lines of undergarments for different ages and body type. Visit Wacoal official website for more information. I am sure you will get amaze too and you will be more conscious with your body.

By the way, Wacoal is also on facebook: Philippine Wacoal Corporation.

So find the right one for you at Wacoal.

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