Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love Sundays: Potty Training and Cloth Diaper

I am happy to share that my 23-month old son is almost potty trained. Potty training takes a lot of patience. I am glad that his new yaya is very patience with him.

Just this afternoon I had witnessed my son poop on his potty chair. He said mommy poo and so we rushed to get his potty chair. He sat on his potty chair and for a few minutes the large poop came out. Please excuse my words, lol! Un lang when it comes to wee wee naman, he will tell us kaso naka-wee wee na sya. Kulit lang!

They said boys are longer or harder to potty train as compared to girls. My first attempt to potty train my son is when he was 14 months. I felt the pressure before because of what I am reading about potty training. I have read that when your toddler already exhibits the signs of potty training readiness, go na. I thought ready na sya so I feel frustrated when he don’t want to sit on his potty chair. I really feel bad that I don’t want to see that potty chair, haha. 
The potty chair we bought almost a year now. This is a three in one potty chair. You can use it as a potty chair, and a chair or box after your child is done using it and he can already use the real potty bowl.

If you can at least have your child sit on it for like 1-2 minutes, you should be happy already since it very hard to make toddlers to stay in one place. 

Then, when his new yaya, Ate Salie arrive she told me, “may potty chair pala si Matt?”, I told her yes but he don’t want to sit there. She told me, “sige try ko sya paupuin dun every morning”. She has the initiative to teach my son and actually my son improves a lot after her take over. I already mentioned before that he can already recite the alphabet, count from 1 to 20 (dati 1 to 10 lang), knows the shape and colors, animal sounds and a lot more. He will make mano and kisss pa when we arrive. He also know where we will go, to the office daw so that we can buy him milk. =)

Also, I feel very accomplished today. Why? Last night, I tried to cloth diaper Matt. We are into cloth diaper for more than 6 months now but Matt still uses disposable diaper at night and when we go out or out of town/vacation. I thought it was a little too late to use cloth diaper my son but still we are saving a lot from using cloth diaper especially that disposable diapers are really expensive. So it is better late than never, lol!

I also recommend the use of cloth diaper to my friends who are first time moms. They will say at first that cloth diaper is expensive but I told them that the amount you will spend for your cloth diaper stash is just your 1 month expenses of disposable diaper. But you will use these cloth diapers for as long as it is okay, usually from birth to 2-3 years old. Imagine how much you can save from it.

Say for example you will use 7 diapers a day and each diaper cost 9 pesos (cost depends on size). This means your daily expenses is 63 pesos and for 1 month (63 x 30) is 1,890 pesos. The plain or pure Alva cloth diaper costs around 280-300 pesos, so with the above cost you can buy 5-6 pieces of plain or pure Alva cloth diaper. Pwede na di ba? Not only that, cloth diaper is safe for baby because unlike disposable diaper, it does not contain chemicals that cause rashes. And since the cloth diaper is reusable, you are saving the Mother Nature because you don’t contribute to the increasing amount of disposable diaper wastes that accumulates and will take many many years to degrade. Kung madedegrade nga.

My son uses Alva cloth diaper, a much cheaper cloth diaper from China. Because of this, I got the idea to sell this cloth diaper. Alva cloth diaper works well with my son who is a heavy wetter. Now, we have 4 Alva, 1 Bootybuns (you can find my review here), and I just purchased Kawaii One Size Goodnight Heavy Wetter because a MCNP mom said it is good for overnight use. Also, I bought bamboo insert because this holds more wee wee than microfiber. Although microfiber inserts absorbs faster I will need a doubler so that the wee will not leak.

My son on his blue plain Alva cloth diaper. He was supposed to take a nap but to our dismay he won't, haha. He is like this whenever we are around. He is full of energy and don't want to take  a nap. Maybe because he is just making sulit the time we are at home with him.

I used Kawaii GHW cloth diaper for Matt last night and it worked wonder. As in no leak, yey finally I can cloth diaper my son 24/7. Kawaii is much expensive than Alva cloth diaper but its okay since it’s for overnight use naman. Since my son can hold his wee, at day time he wears cloth diaper during nap times only. Just a little time and my son is completely potty trained. Hay time flies, he used to be just small who is so dependent to us but now he can poop on his potty chair na #mommysentimode.

I prep the Kawaii GHW cloth diaper before using. You can find the procedure here. As much as possible, hang dry the cloth diaper under the sun after washing.
 The Kawaii GHW cloth diaper green animal design.
This is a two-part cloth diaper system: with waterproof outer cover and two microfiber inserts. The Cover/Outer Layer is made from the new and improved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a composition specifically adapted to produce non-porous membranes exhibiting waterproof and water vapor transmissible. It is a high performance, durable, water resistant, cut and tear resistant, and soft fabric. Added a specially treated membrane that can hold more fluid.

Inner layer is a super soft micro fleece lining, keeping the baby’s bottom dry and comfortable, will absorb moisture very quickly.

The Cover has a pocket opening located in the back inner layer to accommodate the microfiber inserts. Once stuffed, it is just like an (AIO) All in One Diaper. The cover itself can also be use as a diaper cover over your favorite prefold or fitted diapers.

It has an adjustable fit, a wider pocket opening for easy stuffing, hip snap that prevents wing drooping, tummy leakproof panel that prevents leakage for babies sleeping on their tummy, and a cross-over snaps adjust snugly fit

Like Alva, Kawaii GHW cloth diaper has 3 rows of snap buttons on the outer layer that will transform the diaper from small to medium and to large to fit babies from 8-36lbs.

Its microfiber insert is slightly longer than the microfiber insert of Alva cloth diaper.

I learned that you need not to be pressured with what you read because all will come naturally. Actually I almost lost hope that my son can be potty trained before he will turn two but luckily he did, almost. Thanks to Ate Salie, good riddance that his old yaya had to go abroad.

But wait there is more, I have mentioned about my online shop. Please so visit my shop here kahit cloth diaper palang tinda ko ha. I will soon be posting a new product that will be made by me. Waiting for the raw materials lang and I am super excited. Now I wonder why I took BS Chemistry and become a Chemist when my career path is slowly pointing to a new direction. Weird talaga no. Anyways, God really has a better plan so just wait and see.

Hay, it is another brand new week with full of surprises and blessings. For sure, I will have busy days ahead as I do the multi-tasking of being a Chemist, a Blogger, a Seller, a Wife and a Mother. Oo, ako na nga si Wonder Woman.

Just sharing the cute smiles of my son that always make my day!

Have a blessed week and stay safe.
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  1. I will experience potty training my newborn in the future. Im glad you shared your experience. Sana di ako pahirapan ni daughter:)

  2. Yay! Though I'm single...ibookmark ko nlng to for future use. Thanks for the info


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