Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photostory: Reasons to Co-Sleep

Co-sleeping helps breathing regulation. I find this true because when Matt was a newborn, he would sometimes pause as if he's not breathing anymore. I was like crazy that time and I always put my hands on his chest. 

Co-sleeping helps to make a healthy heart. Maybe because he feels the warmth of the body around him. Matt loves sleeping on my chest even now and that gives him comfort to help him sleep longer at nights.

Co-sleeping gives you a bonding time. Now I know why even I am a working mom, Matt will always be a Mommy's boy. He loves to wrap his hands around our neck and he likes it to sleep face to face with either Mom or Dad thus facilitates respiration. Because we sleep close together, I can always sense if he has a fever or slight fever. I don't know how but I can always feel if his temperature is beyond normal. So with co-sleeping, I can help him to regulate the temperature of his body.

I fear before that when you co-sleep with your child, he will be less independent. But I am wrong because co-sleeping will make your baby less demanding. Making him more satisfied and thus gives him more assurance that he will always have love and support from you. I find it true again because Matt have less fears and can do things on his own. He's not a shy type, haha.

Another one I fear with co-sleeping is baka madaganan namin sya at di makahinga (suffocation). I also fear Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but studies suggested co-sleeping can prevent this from happening. I feel much comfortable and protected when Matt is sleeping by my side. I also feel less anxious because I can easily check his breathing and pacify him by tapping while he sleeps. Also, what if there's a fire, I can get him easily right? (God forbids!)

Matt also knows when is bedtime so we don't force him to go upstairs. Co-sleeping provides happy bedtimes and I know Matt always look forward to that each night so he always have sweeter mornings. Matt seldom wakes up with tantrums, he will always wake up with a smile. 

For breatsfeeding moms, co-sleeping is very convenient. And because you co-sleep, you don't need to buy expensive moses basket, or crib. It's free!

Those are the advantages of co-sleeping and I know there are disadvantages as well, like less intimacy (parents). But I'm pretty sure you can always find a way with this, lol! Anyway, we are into co-sleeping for 23 months now and my question is when to buy a new bed for my son. That I need to know because our bed is getting smaller :)

Happy Tuesday!
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