Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wow to Sun: Get Blackberry Curve 8250 at Plan 600

My husband and I are Sun Cellular subscribers for the longest time. This is because our company had this corporate plan for unlimited call and text for sun-to-sun. We also got one at home for our son. It is super sulit and very affordable because you can long your love ones without thinking of your bill. Unlimited nga kasi e. Lol!

Now, there are more reasons to say WOW to SUN! This is for postpaid subscribers. You will get Blackberry Curve 8520 free at Plan 600. Not only that because you can enjoy Unlimited Sun Calls, Unlimited Sun Texts, and Unlimited BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry browsing. Mapa-WOW ka talaga. Super affordable plan  di ba?

Go to the nearest Sun Shop now. Masabi nga kay Daddy ito, haha! Go!
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