Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 31st Birthday!

When I was young I dream to become the best Scientist in the world. That is why I took up BS Chemistry and graduated with flying colors, and eventually passed the licensure examination. I am Chemist now and currently working as a QA Supervisor in one of the largest Broiler Integrator in the Philippines. I am the officer in charge at our Central Laboratory and the “shock absorber”, lol.

I can say that I am heading to my dreams slowly but surely. But things really change as I grow older. I realize that my dream is not what will make me happy.

Then, I married my best friend, Allan, in July 27, 2008. That was one of the most memorable days in my life. I had my dream wedding and I have the best man in my life. Our relationship is not a perfect one that so many people things. God tested our relationship so many times and only the two of us knew how God strengthen us. The two of us had survived many storms in our lives. The two of us stood stronger after each storm. We had a covenant to God and we will never break that.

In November 2009, the great news surprised us. We will be having a baby! This was clear evidence how God works in our life. He gave us the biggest blessing in our lives on June 16, 2010. We had our son, Matthew Andrei. Both of us are overwhelmed with happiness that we forgot all our fears. Our son makes us a better person and binds our relationship.

The three of us are living a simple yet happy life now. It is not what I used to dream of. So, 31 years after, here I am a working mom and wife. Before, I always talk about my career, my position etc. but now all I want to talk about is my family, my husband, my son, my motherhood. I changed a lot and I love it more.

I am really blessed in so many ways and my birthday is always a holiday. Yes I was born on Labor Day. Since it was a holiday I can always celebrate my day with my family without taking a leave.

My 31st Birthday celebration is just simple. This is how my day goes...

Batang super maaga magising.

I forgot to bring the cam when we walked outside. These are Santan, wala lang naalala ko lang sa commercial. hehe

Eto ang aming breakfast, red pepper omelet, nilagang pork (tira kagabi) and our very own malunggay milk tea.  

They badly need a haircut! haha

Sabaw lang okay na sya.

Kelangan talaga two spoons!

Uy may taho daw!

Matt: Mommy, taho!

Hmm, naunahan sya ni Lola.

Matt is everybody's darling in our neighborhood.

Inip much na si Mateo. :)

Tsup tsup!

Feeling nya magkaiba ang lasa e.

Matt's 3rd haircut.

Ittrim lang anak, don't worry.

Daddy needs haircut too.

Ayan tapos na, makati daw.

Ready to ligo na!

Ready to gala na!

Tagal ni Ate Sali e, sige salabay muna.

So init naman, kelangan talaga may payong.

Sugat sabi ni Matt.

Hirap kunan ng picture ni Matt.

Roaarrrr! Sabi ng Tiger na malaki. Takot sya dun e.

My Chef!

Init! Parehong pawis.

Dinner time!

Gutom na daw sya!

So takaw talaga!

Tuna Caserole, Lumpiang Shanghai with Sili and KFC bucket meal.

Matt: Mom, please, i'm eating. Okay fine!

He doesn't want to be fed so be it. haha.
Hay, that's my day went. Medyo bitin and hindi man ako nakapagpahinga. Nga pala, naligo ka ba sa ulan kahapon? Kakatakot naman e kasi sobrang lakas.

To those who greeted me thru text and FB, thanks much! Thank you God for another year. All I can wish is for my family to be safe and healthy always. I could not ask for more =)

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