Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photostory: Matt's Stroll on his "Bikeu"

Matt loves to have a morning and afternoon gala (stroll) on his "bikeu" (bike), as he pronounce it. He will know when is the right time for him to go out of the house. 

Matt: Tita (Salie), labas (go out)
Ate Salie: Kunin natin muna sombrero mo (We'll get first your cap)
Matt: Breros (referring to the cap, echo sya as always)

Then after getting his sombrero, he will immediately take off his slippers and go get the red McQueen shoes, which is his most favorite.

When he is outside he will say goodbye to us and he will not care anymore, basta nasa labas na sya (he's outside already).

Of course, we let him go outside because he needs it too. I think they can stroll safely in our subdivision and there are many children outside playing either with their yaya (baby sitter) or parents/grandparents, especially late afternoon.

He actually loves seeing children playing and laughing. He will even laugh and jump as if he's one of them playing. I know in time, he will be one of them... soon.

Honestly, I can't imagine him running outside under the sun and getting wounds, etc. My goodness, I will surely have heart attack every time Ate Salie will call me telling me my son fall or have bruises, something like that. 

But I have to face it, soon I will let him go and play with children. He needs that so he can learn how to interact with other children. I am proud that my son don't like hitting. If you hit him, he will not hit you back. He will say sorry when needed and most of the times, he follows our instructions. Sometimes, he will have little tantrums like when he likes something he will cry without telling us. Good thing Ate Salie will tell him, "Ay, ayoko ng ganyan. Di ba sabi ko magsalita kung ano gusto at wag iiyak?" ("A, I don't like that. I told you to tell me what you want and don't just cry."). Effective naman, the little boy will tell him what he wants. :)

Here is Matt with Ate Salie on one of their afternoon stroll.

Happy Thursday!
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