Monday, May 14, 2012

I Love Sundays: Mommy Maye's Day

I am just a mom of barely two years and I am learning and I am doing my best so I could raise my son well. Motherhood is a big challenge for every woman. It all started when you conceive your baby. All the pain and hardship that comes with the pregnancy are part of being a mother. We endure those and even sacrifice our own self to give way for a new baby. Then in giving birth we risk our life to make sure the baby will be safely delivered.

My labor pain was not that severe, I just felt heavy pressure on my hips and nothing more. In fact, I was still texting while I was in the labor room. I did my best to have a normal delivery and even at 10 cm, my son won’t come out so after more two hours of struggling, my OBG decided to do the C-Section. My OBG said sayang because I am so behave and did not cry or shout while pushing but that is life. At that moment, all I am thinking is the safety of my baby so left with no choice, we gave in.

That event changes my life forever. Seeing my son for the best time relieves all the pain, tiredness and worries I had. And I knew then that it was just the beginning and there are lot more to come.

My motherhood experience is not all sweet. The first problem I have encountered is breastfeeding. I do my best breastfeed my son but since I only had my milk after a week of giving birth, I fed him formula milk. He won’t feed through my breast after experiencing bottle feeding first. But still I breastfed him for three months and even manually pumped milk from mine.

Next problem was who will take care of him after my leave from work. It very hard to leave pala your baby after two months of being together.  But I sacrificed my own feeling because I know I need to do this for him. I need to work to help Daddy and to buy him all the things he needs.

I know moms can relate how your world will turn upside down whenever your child is sick even with a slight fever. Good thing my son is not masakitin and recovers fast. He seldom got colds and cough. I think he had cough only once for almost two years of his life.

But even how much you take care, accident can’t be avoided. I already wrote about my worst day and it said it all. It was really painful and seeing the photos from that incident makes me cry still. We have learned from it and God is really good that He does not allow even worst thing to happen.

After what had happened, I questioned myself? Did I really need to work and leave my child? What if another accident happened? I cannot take it! I try to look for online or home based work so I could stay home. I even ask my husband to transfer our house loan to Pag-ibig so we are not forced to pay high monthly amortization. Those reactions and feelings are normal I know so we keep on praying to God for I know He has a better plan for us.

Almost two months after that day, which happened to be Daddy Allan’s birthday, you almost cannot see the marks left from the burn on Matt’s cheek and chest. We search for all the medicine that could erase those marks and luckily it succeeded.

My son sleeping with wounds still fresh :(

It is a painful photo of my son with his wounds already drying up.

Here is my son with almost no trace of the burn marks.
Motherhood indeed is a roller coaster ride. One moment you are up, high and happy, and then with just a turn you are down and in pain. But I never regret being a mom because it is the best experience I can ever write about. I will never be a blogger if I am not a mother now. I am better me now because of my son and my husband. 

I am too far from a perfect mom but I know for my little son I am the best mom!
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