Saturday, May 19, 2012

Momaye's Diary had a make-over!

Hello guys and gals! I hope you will like the new face of Momaye's Diary. 

Why a face lift? I am adding a page yesterday and then something went wrong which I could not trace. The pages suddenly disappear and I can't make them appear, lol! I tried the save html of my template (I thought it is the latest, hmp), but it won't work. Lesson: you should always save the html of your current template before doing or adding something.

So, I decided to have a total makeover using Artisteer. I already posted how to create a personalized template using Artisteer and you can read it here.

I changed the color theme from light green to pink, which I heart. I also add columns to my footer and I will teach you how soon. What I am missing is how to add the signature and the facebook/twitter share. I have yet to find again. My internet connection is so slow, maybe next week I can fix these all.

Goodbye to my old banner!

 I tried this one but I wanted a simple one.

So I end up choosing this. Flowers galore, haha!

There you go, Momaye's Diary had a make over and hope you like it!

Happy weekened everyone and keep safe!
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