Sunday, May 27, 2012

Matthew ang Batang Madaldal

Everyday I am surprise with how Matt become so talkative and he will repeat all your words and he will respond to your questions na.

Like one night, I asked him:

Mom: Matt loves mommy?
Matt: Loves

Then he hugged me tight. So sweet right.


One late afternoon naman...

Ate Salie: Matt ano expression ni Daddy? (Matt, what is the expression of Daddy?)
Matt: Ngik! (then laugh)
Ate Salie: Si Mommy?
Matt: Ano ba yan! (What is that????Lol)
Ate Salie: Si Tita
Matt: My God!
Ate Salie: Si Matt Matt?
Matt: My God!

Haha. Ate Salie even told us that our neighbors were amazed how this 23-month old can speak and memorize all of these. Matt is easy to be taught as in, you can teach him once then he will remember that na. I am thinking of enrolling him to play class but the schools near us is not offering that yet so I have to wait until he is 3. Anyways, he is still young and we are already teaching him naman.

More of funny kwento about Matt next time.

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