Friday, May 4, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays

Yesterday, super hanap ako ng cloth diaper supplier for my Kumare who will give birth soon. I need to buy cloth diaper for her within the month so that her mom could bring them with her on June to Dubai. I accidentally find this facebook page group at Smart Parenting Forum: Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays.

Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays is a group of Pinay Mommies who are into cloth diaper. Cool! Ang dami na din palang Pinay Moms who are fond of cloth diaper. So I joined the group and after I was approved, I posted about my first cloth diaper experience. I was overwhelmed with the response because the moms are really full of knowledge about cloth diapering. They even correct me with the use of the shell and the insert. Actually, un kasi dati sabi skin nun napagbilhan ko. I can just remove the insert and replace it. Haha! But I notice nga MCNP moms are right, hindi naman pwede un ganun dahil un amoy naiiwan so we really need to change the whole diaper every 2 hours.

I started cloth diapering my son when he was 17 months and now he’s 22 months so that’s 5 months already. But I just bought my first alva cloth diaper last January.  My son is at the potty training stage already and in fact he poops every morning in his potty chair. At long last! Lol. At daytime, he’s into training pants because he does not pee often like once within an hour. Potty training is not easy and I am so thankful that his new yaya tita is so patient with him.

My goal now is to cloth diaper my son at night though I have so many disposable diaper stocks for night. I know I should not use disposables already but I am just afraid that he will be not comfortable at night. I also want to buy that bamboo and hemp inserts that they say are more absorbent than microfiber insert. Natural fabrics like bamboo and hemp absorb pretty well but slower than microfiber. So it better to use bamboo or hemp insert at night to prevent leak. I hope I get it right, you can correct me again and it will be okay with me J

I am really glad I found Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays Group because I am learning there. They have these Docs all about cloth diaper that includes the do’s and don’ts, and the one I am also looking for yesterday, the stripping procedure. Cool right?

So mommies, if you don’t know cloth diaper yet join the Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays. Just click HERE and ask permission to join because it is a closed group. If you have many questions about cloth diaper and you are still not convince to try, this will be a great place for you. Promise! (Warning: Cloth Diaper could be so addictive. Lol)

Come and join us, together we will learn more about Cloth Diaper.
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