Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photostory: Mommy's Big Boy

If I have a little boy, I have a big boy too!

My husband is a very kind man who never gets angry at all. Even if you push him to the wall, you will hear nothing from him. Most of the times, I am the one who feels the anger for him, lol! I don't know what is wrong with him or he's just good in managing his anger.

Aside from being a kind man, he is very humorous and happy person as in comedian. He has a lot of jokes to tell and is very playful. Sometimes, he acts like a child and play around. Hence, I have two boys in the house.

He is a good cook and most of the times he is the one in charge in our kitchen. He also makes our weekly menu. He can go to the wet market and grocery without me ha. But of course, whenever he buy something he will consult me first. I trust him with our money because I know he will not make kupit naman (steal some money), hehe. He can never hide anything from me, especially that he knows I hate surprises.

We are best of friends for almost 16 years and I have known him since we are 6 years old. We really can't hide anything from each other and with just one look, we already know what one of us is thinking. By the way he also has his own blog, please follow him here. He don't write much these past weeks because he is so busy doing his work stuffs, haha. But he still loves blogging.

Our house is always fill with laughter because of my son and my husband. They complete me.

Have happy rainy Thursday!

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