Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day 2012: My Best Nanay

Last night, I suddenly not feel well. Could it be because of I commute yesterday and it was so hot. Allan was at our feed mill in Tarlac City for the ISO Surveillance Audit so I have no choice but to take public utility vehicle and our home was 4 rides from our feed mill. In addition to the stress is Matt is having a watery stool but according to his tita yaya, it's not that frequent naman although his stomach is bloated. Good thing he doesn't vomit like two nights ago. He doesn't used to hot weather talaga at super nakakastress talaga. So Igive him a BRAT diet again and Erceflora. He had this almost same experience last year.

So I wake up with a heavy feeling and as much as I want to stay at home and take a rest, I can’t because today is reporting day. Besides, I can never have a rest at home especially when Matt is around and knows I am at our bedroom. He will make kulit for sure and will press my eyes when he sees them close. He will bang his head on my head when I will not get up. I don’t know where he got that. I do hope this heavy feeling of mine will pass soon because I hate it when I am off limit to my son.

Anyways, Mothers’ day is almost here and we don’t have plan yet how to celebrate it. Maybe it will be the usual Sunday where we go to Church and go malling after. I’m sure there are lot of Mothers’ day promos at malls.

I don’t talk about much of my family and my mother. My Nanay is a working mother like me. She’s been working in a government institution for more than 30 years and she will soon retire on August this year. I feel relieve when she told be she’s having her retirement because all her life she is working hard. She came from a poor family from the Aparri Cagayan and went to Manila when she was just 17 to work and took a vocational course in dress making. Luckily, his brother got her to work at CLSU as a Dormitory Houseparent.

She’s been there for more than 30 years so you could just imagine how many students she had managed. What was really touching is those students she had handled came back after many years with their children entrusting them to my mom.

My Nanay is never showy to us and I never hear her complain about her life. We grew up in a family where the phrase “I love you” is not common. We are not showy of how we feel towards each other but we surely love each other. Our family has been tested so many times, conflict among relatives, siblings, etc. You can hear nothing from my mother. Until now, she remains mysterious to me. All I know is she is a good mother to us and all her flaws are beautiful in my eyes.

So now, that I am a mother too, I understand her more. I understand the fact that we need to sacrifice some things to raise our son. I love being a mom and I know for sure she loves seeing me as a mother now. I am more expressive than before and that I will pass to my son. I want him to be more expressive of what he feels toward things and us too.

To my Nanay, I know you will not be able to read this now but I want you to know that I love you so much and if ever God will let me have a second life, I will still choose you as my mother. You are not the perfect mom I know, but for me you are the best mother. I thank God for giving you to us. I LOVE YOU and Happy Mother’s Day Nay!
Happy Mother's Day too to my sister Fevy.
Whew, that’s all I can tell about my best Nanay. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies out there!

P.S.: My son Matthew was featured by Mommy Fleur in her This Kid Is It segment. Thanks Mommy Fleur and Happy Mother's Day!
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