Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love Sundays: Swimming Sa Bahay

Last week, I am over excited with our company outing only to be disappointed for so many reasons so we decided not to go. I am glad I listened to my instinct because last Friday there was no electricity almost the whole night and Daddy Allan had a sudden fever. 

Sunday came and we have no plans of going out except for Church, so I told Daddy why not inflate Matt’s pool so he can swim. Matt has so many bungang araw (prickly heat) because it’s super hot even if it rains at late afternoon or night. The short rain just makes the weather even hotter.

Matt can't wait... 

As he knows how to use the bomba. haha

Matt: Dad, bilis and init na e.

May props si Daddy, ang water gun. hehe

Pati si Daddy nag-enjoy!

My cutipie son!

Tampisaw sa tubig, sarap!

Presko and ready to sleep na!

Matt matakaw =))

He is watching his videos.

That's my Sunday, super init pero super enjoy. I do hope you always enjoy your Sunday's with the family.

I hope it is Sunday already :)
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