Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Avoiding Misunderstanding

Rainy morning everyone! I thought it's rainy season already. Umuulan din ba sa inyo? I feel so lazy tuloy. hehe Anyway, gotta go to work and work, work and work. 

Here's our Love Inspiration for today.

I agree. Sometimes it is much better to avoid misunderstanding. Just try to broaden your mind and respect your partner's opinion. Sometimes when pride takes in, no one wants to step down and a petty thing becomes a real big thing.

The thing is, don't talk too much especially if your not in a good mood. Don't argue and always try to listen. If you listen first, this will give you time to think right and avoid unwanted words you might say. If your partner is getting mad already, calm down if you can. Just think of what your partner is going through and try to understand.

It will be hard at the start but there's no hard thing when you really want it. There's no perfect relationship. Misunderstanding is always part of any relationship. Just know how to handle it and don't make it always a big deal.

Stay happy and in love.
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