Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Smile is the beginning of Love

Yay, rainy morning everyone! When I woke up, Daddy said it was raining hard outside. I told him I don't hear it. He said the rain drops are just fine and it was raining since last night. Maybe I sleep too tight that's why I didn't notice it was raining all night here.

Anyway, I am so excited since yesterday because of the 1000 gift certificate I won from Pretty Clipz. I already sent her the items I want and it was a long list. Haha. And last night she replied and she said they will check her stock. Hopefully, I will receive the items next week and make my new projects. 

Meanwhile, since I am over excited I already searched how to make a bow. Luckily, I have found what I am looking for so I think my new project will push through very soon.

And to make our morning happier, here's our Love Inspiration for today.

A smile can brighten someone's life. So always give a smile even to a stranger. For we may never know that that simple smile can change his/her life. 

So smile genuinely always. It will help you feel young and happier.

Keep safe and dry. Happy Friday!
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