Friday, February 15, 2013

Photostory: Our Happy Valentines 2013

Honestly, I really hate surprises. Hehe.. But when Daddy surprised me with a Valentine gift yesterday, I felt so overwhelmed. Maybe, he hadn't do that for a long time. Right Daddy?

It's not that expensive or extra ordinary gift but it's the love thought that counts anyway.  When I see his FB post, that already made my day.

He put the chocolates inside my bag while I am away from my table. See?

Daddy knows I don't like receiving flowers. Why? I don't really hate the flowers basta I don't want receiving flowers. Hehe.

When the clock strikes 4:30, we hurriedly packed our things and headed home. 

I always love going home and see this cute little boy.

He immediately grabbed the chocolates when he saw it. He said, it's for him. 

Now, who said the chocolates are for me? Look at what the two are doing here.

Our plan is to have a simple dinner at home so that Matt, Nanay and Tita could join us. Here's the busy chef cooking our yummy dinner.

And here's our yummy dinner.

Malunggay & Tuna Pesto and Crispy Chicken Wings
You can get the recipe of Daddy's Malunggay and Tuna Pesto here

I swear nothing beats dinning at home with your family.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

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