Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Life's Realization

Good morning guys! I just want to share something with you.

Yesterday, on our way home and just a few minutes after we went out of our feed mill's gate, we almost meet an accident. A tricycle in front of us carelessly took the other lane without minding the ten-wheeler truck coming. The truck's driver turn its wheel to the shoulder/sidewalk but he almost lost its control and wiggled in front of us because the road is higher than the sidewalk (because of the frequent road asphalting). Could you imagine how terrifying to see a wiggling ten-wheeler truck in front of you? I screamed on top of my lungs because there's no way we can escape in case the truck go straight to us since the road's shoulder  (on our side) is under construction. 

That made me realize that life is indeed unpredictable. And no matter how careful driver you are, still you are not safe as long as they are people who are careless on the road. I don't know why that tricycle driver is over speeding to think his loads are LPG tanks. He don't even mind what had happened and he still overtakes the vehicles in his front.

Everyday, many accidents happen on the road. The problem is anyone can easily get a driver's license as long as you can drive. But only few knows the responsibility of having a driver's license. Many are over speeding,  carelessly counter flowing and driving under the influence of alcohol. Do they don't realize that just one mistake, just one can take someone's life of even their life? It is really hard to accept that because of someone's mistake, a father, a mother or a child is taken away from their family.

This made me realize too that everyday our lives our at risk. As long as there are irresponsible drivers, accidents will happen every minute. What if the truck hit us? I am sure we will die on the spot (knock on wood!) What will happen to our son? He is too young to lose us. I am sure many people will love him but parent's love is irreplaceable. I know this is every parent's fear and I am not alone.

I am so thankful that God always protect us. And everyday, I always pray for His Divine protection. I know He will not let things happen without a reason.

Please forgive me for sharing a terrifying story so early in the morning. We will continue our Love Inspiration tomorrow, okay?

So don't waste your time with nonsense things. Enjoy and live each day to the fullest. Be thankful always.

Be safe and have a great day ahead.
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