Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photostory: This is so touching...

I want to share this Instagram photo with you.

Here's Matt while massaging Nanay's hand.

It was Sunday night. While Matt is writing, he saw Nanay's hands trembling (Nanay had a mild Parkinson's disease that's why). He immediately said, "Sakit kamay ni Nanay?" Then he said, "Mommy, kunin un oil. Kunin un chair." He's rushing and then I saw them like that. 

It was so touching... Not only that ha. Matt is talking like an adult and will say after our meal, "Inom na gamot Nanay?" O di ba? He will also ask if Nanay slept well and if she's hungry. He is such a sweet and caring boy. 

Now I know, there's another person who will help me to take care of Nanay. And that when Mom and Dad grow old, Matt will take care of us too.

More of Matt's sweet and silly acts next time...

Have a great day and keep dry and safe.

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