Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yey, Lucky Me!

I feel so lucky today!

This morning while waiting for my turn to bath, I check my mail then my FB account. To my surprise I see this...

At first I thought it wasn't me because my phone shutdown while I am reading the status. So, when I arrived at work, I immediately peak in my FB wall and there it is. I even got a personal message informing me that I won.

Well, I have been an avid online buyer from Pretty Clipz and we always have a smooth transaction plus she always gave me freebies. That's why I bought there the things I needed for my next project. I am planning to make hair bows and felt flowers. I have the materials at home but don't have time to do so. Maybe this is the right time to start since I have 1000 worth of items I can choose from Pretty Clipz. 

Yes, 1000 pesos is more than enough to start a small business. I will show you may new creations and I might have another giveaway for that. Love it?

I am so excited to receive my items. I am sure ribbons and clips will be my next addictions. Not bad because I am making money from it ;-)

By the way, you can visit Pretty Clipz here.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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