Monday, February 25, 2013

Daily Inspiration: A Friend...

Good morning! It's the 27th anniversary of EDSA Revolution and a holiday for schools ONLY. Unfair, hehehe... I told Daddy that maybe on the 30th anniversary it will be a non-working holiday for all. Hoping too?

Anyway, I had a productive Sunday. We finished another batch of orders. Daddy cooked yummy lunch and merienda. I am so lucky to have him because I don't have any problem with what we will eat. Hehe. Yun lang, I told him we should have a balance diet. So yesterday, we started to takal the rice. Daddy and I had 1 cup of rice each, while Matt and Nanay had 1/2 cup of rice. He cooked pan-grilled liempo and buttered mixed vegetables. I am sure he will show that on his blog.

And let me share this Love Inspiration with you, which will end soon since we will welcome March na. Fire Inspiration naman? Hehe, just kidding :)

Have great day ahead everyone!
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