Monday, February 18, 2013

Photostory: He understands...

Heto na ang mag-amang away-bati. Hehe

The hyperactive little Matt always makes her Daddy mad. The little one keeps on doing things that annoys the big man. And so I always see Daddy giving Matt a tiger look. Hehe...

Seriously speaking, they love each other and in fact Matt adores his Daddy so much. I told you here that Matt cried when he thought his Daddy went to work without kissing him. That's true. Matt is just trying to impress his Daddy and as a toddler he wants all our attentions on him. Sometimes, we failed to do so. But I know he understands.

Just like one Sunday afternoon while I am busy crocheting, he asked me to sit beside him.

Matt: Tabi tayo ni Mommy.
Mommy: Wait lang anak ha. Tapusin lang ni mommy ito. (showing him the booties I am crocheting).

He went to his table. Then after awhile, he saw Nanay. He ran to Nanay.

Matt: Tabi tayo ni Nanay. 

He then hold Nanay's hand and asked her to sit beside him. After that he continued what he was doing. Then I heard him saying.

Matt: Tabi tayo Nanay ha. Gagantsilyo pa si Mommy e. Tabi tayo ha. 

And he laughed.

That made me feel so guilty. So I put off the hook and the yarn. I sit beside him and asked him to kiss Mommy. He did and he said.

Matt: Asimmmm.....

And he laughed again.

Silly boy :)
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