Saturday, February 2, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Be the Reason Why She Smiles

Hello guys! Saturday na naman so Sunday na ulit tomorrow. We will have a client meet up tomorrow plus a delivery. It sounds like it's a big transaction but its actually not BUT every transaction means a lot to me. The trust that all my clients give me is overwhelming and they keep coming back so I value each one of them, kahit medyo un iba matagal magsettle ng payment. Hehe. I don't require kasi downpayment or payment muna bago gawin so it's a big risk on my part. I already got bad experiences but that's part of business and still I will continue my policy na payment after matapos na lang. Less pressure din kasi on my part, hehe.

So let's move to our Love Inspiration for today.
This is for all the men out there. Please respect, love and appreciate the woman who loves you and can sacrifice everything for you. Don't ever lay a hand on her but only hugs and kisses. Women deserve to be loved and be treated like a queen :)

So please gentlemen, please don't be the reason why your woman cries every night. Alright?

Happy Saturday!
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