Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Things that makes me love you...

Good morning! Monday rush again. How's your weekend? We failed to finish a batch :( I wonder why when it's Sunday time is running so so fast. We just had a breakfast then went to Church and went to the grocery to buy some stuffs. In the grocery we were tempted to use the credit card cause we almost run out of cash, hehe. Good thing our combine on hand cash is just enough. And on our way home, I asked Daddy if he can withdraw since we have no cash on hand na. He stopped by the Security bank and there he tried to withdraw but he failed to and the ATM ate his card pa. Aw!

He was calling for someone inside the bank because he thought there's a guard on duty but there's none. There we left his card inside the ATM. So when we reached our home, we went online to use the balance to pay bills instead. That way, we are sure that even if the ATM ejects the card, there's no balance na. He will go to that bank later and hoping he can retrieve the card. Have you experienced this also?

Anyways, let's move to our Love Inspiration for today.

Have a great Monday!

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